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Originally Posted by fasterlaster View Post
Thanks def. I read your comment about 'adequate compression' and assumed it was fine and turning over in a manly sort of way. Thanks for the clarification, that makes a heck of a lot more sense.
The Harley guy was really exasperated when he and his buddies couldn't get the engine to start after he had ridden it into the bar on it's own two cylinders. Apparently, the clutch adjustment had vibrated loose while he was trashing the bike between his house and the bar.

This was an impatient, arrogant sort of guy who wanted desperately to show off to his audience and lost it when the Harley didn't cooperate.

I felt sorry for the guy but not so sorry that I didn't accept a beer to unlock the mystery to starting his Harley.

His later accident ended his reputation at the bar due to the live stock he hit and injured severely. It was a ribbon winning steer that was worth thousands. The Harley apparently had no insurance so he was sued successfully by the livestock owner.

Moral? Don't screw with the bull or you'll get the horn. Also, control your temper when you ride or drive anything. If you don't know what your doing, don't do it. Finally, when rookies show off, they usually pay the price.
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