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Originally Posted by WARRIORPRINCEJJ View Post
...the B-D plate ...eliminates the mid-mounts ...
Originally Posted by hilslamer View Post
It's not a design flaw at all, it's just not designed to be outright abused ...

Another tip is to always ... land rear wheel first, with a little bit of power on, so that the chassis "rolls into the landing" instead of expecting both ends to just absorb all of the load ...
Yellow Pig,
You can't launch a 420+ lb bike like its a 250cc race bike

The 950 can take High speed launches as long as you land like Hilslamer recommends above

Also wheelie over Rough Obstacles to where the plate never touches.

Watch the Factory Riders in the woods

They ride liquid smooth so they don't abuse the the bike

Eliminating the center mounts, puts tremendous stress on the oil tank

This is why I'm still running the OEM Stock Skid Plate
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