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Originally Posted by GB View Post
Did your former bro-in-law still refer to northerners as "yankees?" I'm a bit of a civil war buff myself and while engaged in conversation with a fellow from Lousiana, he always referred to folks from the north as yankees, after all these years..

Looking forward to your report pearls and pics.
From Wikipedia: "In the southern US, the term is sometimes used in derisive reference to any Northerner, especially one who has migrated to the South; a more polite term is Northerner. Senator J. William Fulbright of Arkansas pointed out as late as 1966, "The very word 'Yankee' still wakens in Southern minds historical memories of defeat and humiliation, of the burning of Atlanta and Sherman's march to the sea, or of an ancestral farmhouse burned by Cantrill's raiders."[21]

In Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary Yankee is defined in this manner:
"n. In Europe, an American. In the Northern States of our Union, a New Englander. In the Southern States the word is unknown. (See DAMNYANK.)"
Also, the term "war of Northern Aggression" is not really correct. Read American Nations by Colin Woodward. He footnotes letters from Jefferson Davis which document why Fort Sumter was fired on and what Davis expected to happen as a result.

Great report and interesting writing style.
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