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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden View Post
That happens every time a new model is intorduced. Somehow it is always wrong!

Look Gents, let's get one thing straight on the eve of this momentous occasion: By almost any objective measure, the new water cooled GS will be better than the last generation, which was designed ten years ago. It may appear fugly (at least at first), evolutionary, and somewhat underwhelming, but,

-It will be faster
-It will get better fuel mileage
-It will stop more quickly
-It will have more effective electronic safety features (better abs, traction control, etc)
-It will be more refined (less clunking, smoother everything, etc)
-It will handle better (less unsprung weight), improved geometry, etc
-It will be more reliable and easier to maintain (changing coolant is a cinch, did it on my old K75 in 20 minutes)

Bottom line: opinions are great, some people will love it and some wont, some will want to buy it while others will claim they will keep their previous gen forever, some will love the styling and some wont, but it will almost certainly be a superior motorcycle by objective measures. Will I get rid of my '09 Adventure? No way. I love it and I doubt that the new generation will be that much better to ride (unless the engine is much smoother, that would force a move). But will I, and most of you, want one in 3 years? Definitely.

I'm ducking. Fire away.

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