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Try this, click here $80 two coils.

Originally Posted by HackyMoto View Post

Am fortunate to have two GSís aí 04 1150 36k and a í06 1150 adv 47k both twin spark. Both started running ruff dropping a couple hundred rpmís at idle and missing under load. The coil sticks (one each) on both bikeís went bad within a couple weeks so thatís 2 timeís 140.00 or 4 timeís if oneís to replace them all. I didnít want to go back to the coil sticks because of the fail rate and the price so I started thinking what kind of alternative action I could take. I wanted a coil that was small available everyware and (cheep) (inexpensive) reasonably priced, I found it 1999- to present 5.4 Ford F-150Ďs C.O.P. coils checked the specs (Ohms) close enough and at 30 bucks each itís worth a try.
Pick-up two coils from the parts house and a wire harness from a ford 5.4 at the auto recyclers for the connectors on the coils. Plug wires Iíve had laying around.
I didnít want to cut the bikes wiring in case I wanted to ever go back to the stick coils, so I got four sub-d connectors that fit right into the bikes coil connectors.
Hook it up and Iíve got spark
The coil are zippy tied to the frame for now if this works out Iíll mount them-up this winter.

Got about 200 miles so far allís well.
2 coils 60.00
Wire harness 10.00
Sub-d connectors 2.00
Plug wires ????
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