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Originally Posted by pcwirepro View Post
$130/ea. at Max.
Yup, well aware of that, too.

The Ford coils (or whatever) are certainly an idea, though it requires some garage space and some time to do, neither of which I had when I was fighting my coils (others here can attest to that). I was fighting it all from Korea (where I am now) and getting the right or wrong harness/assembly through the mail is a bigger issue than just ordering the damned part from Max or whomever and sucking it up. Sure enough, once the bad coil was replaced it was like riding a brand new bike. 2 probems I see with BB on the coils. 1, you hope they have the one you need (primaries are the same but secondaries are left/right specific) and also 2 what if the one they have is also shit? Coils are difficult to test according to what I've read, so even though it passes current and shows good impedance throught the body it may still be crap. Now you have an $80 used coil and STIL need a new one. I don't like to gamble, even when I'm in Vegas. I just pulled out my wallet and ate it. At least the bike runs now.

Eventually I'll probably switch to the car coils once I get to the US again.
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