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Originally Posted by msanna View Post
I used to ride a DR650 and went smaller to a WR450, the 650 was very easy to pick up when I dropped it off road, the WR in comparison feels like a mountain bike though.
I have to say though, as quick, nimble and fun as the 450 is, the 650 was much easier to do long trips on because of the maintenance intervals.

Also, FWIW, a few guys I ride with ride 950's and have ridden them down some extremely steep goat paths that would rattle most people and have done it without incident, it's all about what you feel most confident on.
Know what you mean. My 230L is short and 267 lbs wet. Other than the KTMs or Huskies few bikes are below 290lbs!

I rode my GT750 easily back a skid trail one time and ended up getting 3 guys to push the pig up the easiest little hill- traction was lacking! But it was fun on the slab, that thing would wheelie!
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