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Originally Posted by olec View Post

I will order one of these CPR filters but have a couple of Q's:

- Anyone tried those prefilters and do you feel the more restricted air-flow?
- That breather hose, Maybe a stupid question, but do you have to route it to the inside? Why not just filter it on the outside and just leave that mess out.

I've installed the red prefilter, oiled with NoToil.
It's a porous foam and I didn't notice any change in

'07 990 A Remus 2 to 1 Akro map CPR filter with prefilter.

I didn't know about the new plate without a hole for the oil breather
tube so on mine I filled in the hole with JB Weld.
I've always rerouted the breather to out side the air box
on the five LC8's I've owned.

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