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Is it on the crank or is it gear driven? When you say that you rebuilt the motor, what all did you do to it? Was the top end apart? Was the clutch and/or the alternator pulled? Was the trans apart?
You may have to TDC the piston and reset the cam gear, yes? I have seen plastic cam gears damaged. A new one could be in the cards.

There is no cam gear. This is a 2 stroke engine and the point cam is attached directly
to the end of the crankshaft.

We need PHOTOS of the old points setup alongside the new points setup, and
photos of the new points setup as installed on the outside of the stator.

Oh, and don't work on the thing after drinking alcohol, mistakes and frustration
are much more likely in that scenario. If you doubt this, consider whether you'd like
a dentist to work on your teeth when the dentist was a bit tipsy.

Whatever the problem is, it can be fixed. Relax, take a deep breath, and take
some photos and post a link to those photos so we can see them. Photobucket
or Picasa both offer free hosting for photos, last time I checked. If you want to
get fancy you can embed a link to the photos so they will appear in your post
on ADVrider, but that seems to be difficult for some folks, so if it doesn't work
for you just post a plain text link we can copy and paste into our browsers.


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