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Originally Posted by DrRock View Post
The case is very expensive, but bombproof. I would buy it again in a heartbeat for a long trip. iPhones and other smartphones and most GPS units are just too small to press at 120 kph or down bumpy trails.

I carry the iPhone for internet etc, but it won't work with my gloves on. How do you use the iPad with gloves? Special gloves or voice command or something? Can you still see your gauges? Is that an extra 20L? That would give an F800GS a range of 900kms or so? I always carry a few 1L jugs and then add 5L jug if worried. Would 10L have been enough? Plan to head up there someday myself

For GPS I use my trusty old Garmin 60CSx mounted next to my clutch hand with a RAM EZ ON/OFF handle bar mount. Works great. I can easily hit the physical buttons en route and it doesn't block my gauges. The mount is very simple, solid and low profile for about $20. It uses Tie-Wraps to strap to the handle bar and has a stiff spring behind the base so it can move around a bit and dampen vibrations. I can easily interchange devices with different bikes and different devices with the same mount (iPhone) I could also easily remount this one with spare tie wraps in the field.
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