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Originally Posted by ADVNCW View Post
Why such big bikes on gravel/ dirt routes? Serious question, no disrespect to anyone and the ride that they enjoy...

Clearly I am very secure in myself and satisfied with what I ride So, I ask myself, do I really need to spend $8k for the WR250R plus setup and etc when I can just haul my 230L to the CD and ride the CDR just fine, then ship it home?

OK, here is a chance for comments and catcalls. Interested in others ideas and perspectives. Thanks!

Oh, Edit to add- I rode a 1975 two-stroke GT750 Suzuki up the AK HWY when it was mostly gravel, on street tires with my frame backpack strapped on. Hauled ass, had fun. And I had two open class race bikes. So I understand but also know that my 230L privides just enough and no extra to smoothly travel gravel and dirt- actually safer than a quicker larger bike...
With the same respect, I don't understand your post. You're secure in yourself and satisfied with what you ride? So are the guys with bigger bikes. Seems you already know the answer to the questions you're asking, just not allowing for or understanding others to have the same answers? It's kind of like, if you have to ask, you wouldn't understand. If you have to ask, then yes, you need to spend $8k on another bike that will do what your 230L already does.

How about, larger bikes tend to be more comfortable, tend to carry more weight (camping gear), tend to go all the same places as smaller bikes offroad, albeit slower, and go on road faster. My question would be, if you have a bike at all, regardless of size, why not take it on gravel/dirt routes?
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