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Back-to-back motos suck
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I have a V-Strom. It's a fun bike with limitations. No way I'd take it half the places some of these guys do. It just doesnt appeal to me to ride it like that. I've done it. And I don't care for it. Does that mean the bike isn't for me? Nope. I enjoy it in other ways.

I also have a bored KLX. Again, fun bike. And it goes places the 'Strom can't...with a lot less effort. But even as the terrain dictates when I'm on that bike, it can be a handful at times and makes me wish I was on my Trials bike. I choose the tool based on the task at hand.

And, I have a couple of race bikes...each suited for certain disciplines. Each is better at certain things just like the bikes above and I choose accordingly. This system I have is for ME. They are my bikes and I pick the one that will give ME the most overall enjoyment for the type of riding I choose to set out on.

Point is, I thank the original poster for his opinion. But it's only that...his opinion. He's obviously tuned in to his machine and enjoys it. I'm tuned in to my bikes and enjoy them, too. But I never begrudge anyone for their choice in bikes...or how and where they choose to ride them. He seems to want to poke a bit at those that don't share his motorcycle ephinany. I think that's a little elitist. But that's MY opinion.

You guys that ride 500 lb behemoths go! And keep posting the pics. And you that ride dualsport tiddlers...keep at it. Whatever you ride, keep riding it. And keep us informed of your progress.
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