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Great discussion THANKS!

Great discussion THANKS! I am trying to decide what I want to do.

I will do the CDR either on the 230L after hauling it to the start, or do the CDR the same with a new WR250R with a big tank. On the 230L I cary a 1.5 gal Kolpin on the front rack
and get over 250 miles range with that and the 2.3 gal stock tank- 73 MPG avg on the WABDR.I stopped at a dealer, they were looking at my loaded 230L, I mentioned I liked the WR250R, the handed me the key and said to try it. The WRR also felt small and easy to me on street and ripping around a dirt lot. In other words, WRR is pretty easy ride also, but it is nearly 30 lbs heavier than my little dog 230L. Way more fun to twist the throttle, however, on the WR250R!

To clarify:

The rig in the photo I have ridden singletrack and camped. With that load I went down a trail and decided to not take the next downhill- so I turned that little loaded bike easily on an 18 inch singletrack on am mountain sidehill; easy, no unloading, first try, no sweat. So I balance that kind of ease with the 'dog' performance on highway. As well, where I see so many photos of folks on larger bikes, even DR400s and up, struggle just on rutted rough roads, and I saw some of that myself. And I just fly with ease with that little (dog) 230L. I have put 6K on that rig loaded and unlaoded since May, on gnarly rocky mountin trails, gravel roads, crossed the state a few times from mountains to beach and back..

And, yeah, as I said, before the term was invented I was an adventure rider on gravel AK Hwy on my '75 GT750. I also had an open class Husky and Yamaha. But the 230L has advantages- gas mileage, small good-handling frame low weight, tractable power- limited wheel spin and fishtailing, just a smoothe ride- it gets the job done

Thanks again, I like reading the comments, good discussion!
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