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South America and back on a 250 Super Sherpa Minimalist Adventure

I am stoked!!!! You know the feeling. You've been thinking about taking a long ride. As the day grows closer and reality sets in, I don't care how jaded a person is or how many miles they've ridden, it is next to impossible not to feel the excitement build.

South America or bust. I tell people I'm heading out on a 250 dirt bike and they think I'm nuts. I don't care. It's what I've got and I'm riding the wheels off it while I still can. This ride report is for all those people who have dreamed of riding long and far but aren't sure if it's possible. I'm here to tell you, yes it is. I don't have a lot of money and I'm not too bright. If I can do it anyone can. You just have to set a date, save as much money as you can and GO!!!!!

There is no better feeling than taking off on a long ride. Well maybe crossing the border back into the U.S. after riding to Panama is a close second. I still remember how happy I was to be back safely after the last long trip I took a couple years ago:

Woohoo!!!! The thrill of victory after crossing the border and stopping at a friends house in Tucson.

But I long for the curvalicious roads of Mexico with stunning vistas:

and riding in the mountains of Costa Rica:

and Panama after crossing the mountain border at Rio Sereno:

until I hit the end of the road in Yaviza and could almost smell Colombia off in the distance. So close and yet so far. The waiting is almost over. It's time for another long ride. As I often say, there is no better feeling than hitting the road with a good bike and a vague plan.

So ride along and watch the adventure unfold and see if its possible to ride a little bike to South America and back with limited funds. Perhaps you will see that it is something you can do sooner than you thought possible.I only have 5000 bucks which is a lot for me but not much compared to more fortunate folks. I may have to eat ramen and do a lot of camping. But I am determined to make it there and back.

I am taking along a laptop and camera and camping gear, so this ride is less minimalist than some rides I have taken. But I intend to send back stories and pictures your way on a regular basis. I know how much I enjoy reading ride reports even to places I've already been. It brings back the memories.

If I run short of funds I will figure out how to set up a paypal account and beg for money. But I'm not there yet. Plus I don't know how. Anyway, I write these ride reports for me as much as anyone. I enjoy reading them later and remembering all the wonderful people and great roads.

I do hope to visit other ADVriders on the tentspace list though. And have them sign my gastank. You guys are the only sponsors I need. Several people have already offered places to stay and I intend to meet as many ADVriders as possible on the road south. I know I enjoy it when folks stay at my place. It should be fun!

I was sitting out on the back porch last night looking at the fullish moon and listening to the coyotes howling and realized that I will be leaving on the next full moon. Gotta get back out to the garage and finish servicing the bike!!!

Kindest regards,
John Downs
South America and back on a 250 Super Sherpa Minimalist Adventure

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