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Originally Posted by Dread Pendragon View Post
Whether the bike performs extremely well or falls short this January, it's nice to watch a second player join the game.
Agreed 100%. I remember all of the moaning and crying when the 450 rule came in. I think with HRC, FB, Yamaha, Beta, BMW/Husky the diversity of machines and teams, the proof is in the pudding. It was a good thing after all.

Having said that, I don't for a minute pretend that any of these bikes will "trickle down" to anything remotely close to consumer products anytime soon.

Even for KTM, who has lived and breathed this philosophy for more than a decade, the closest we ever got to trickle down was the 640 Adventure (pretty close in form to the 660 Rallye of the late nineties), the 950 Adventure (pretty close in form to the 950 Rallye), and the 690 Enduro (which was actually pretty far from the 690 Rally except for the chassis use). However, the trend right now is away from these toward more road/touring machines (see 2013 1190 Adventure for evidence)

So - I wouldn't expect to see a Honda 450 Rally anytime soon, any more that I'd expect to see a KTM 450 Rally Replica at a KTM dealer anytime soon...

I'm the first that would love to be wrong about that, but history just isn't on our side I don't think....
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