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Awesome RR! I love Mongolia. Got to stay there for 2.5 weeks in U-B and a couple hours north in the countryside working with and NGO this past July. I would love to go back and do what you all did. When we were out in the country I did notice that EVERY nomad had one of those Chinese bikes.

BTW, that spot you ran across with the bikes at the ger...

From my time in the city talking to the translators, alcohol is a BIG problem there. Not only is vodka cheaper than water, but the Mongolian men have a genetic disposition to alcohol and their liver can't break it down properly. The men will often drink till their stumbling or passed out drunk. I saw many of them in the ger district in U-B passed out in the ditch. If you stared at them, they would get up and come after you to try and fight you, but most of the time would just fall back over. Good call on just riding on by and not stopping.
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