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Sounds good, let's go!
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Hi Blake,

Lets see, I am taking a few more things this time. A small tent that my sister gave me. A laptop that I traded some work for so I can upload photos and ride reports from the road when I hit a wifi hotspot. I gave my sister the iPod touch that I used to tap out emails last trip and it worked fine and was pocketable. But since I intend to upload photos and ride reports this time from the road I am lugging along the laptop. A spare set of sprockets. A steripen to sterilize water that Tricepilot pointed to in a thread on water purifiers since bottled water costs almost as much as beer in Latin America. And a locking topbox that I got in Arizona to carry my tools home on the Sherpa when my car broke down coming home from my last adventure. It is in this picture if you can make it out:

I normally don't travel with anything I care if I lose too much, but I plan on camping a fair bit this time and figure its probably prudent to have a place to lock stuff up. And if the top box flies off going over speed bumps in Mexico I will be the first to tell you what a crap idea that was. I intend to put tent, sleeping bag, thermarest laptop and camera in it and put the heavy stuff in the bottom of the saddlebags.

I'm not taking cooking stuff. Too much volume and weight. I might buy a small pot to boil water on a campfire if I feel the need on the road , but other than that plan to eat out of grocery stores and roadside food vendors like last time.

The older I get the weaker my memory is so I found this packing list helpful:

I whittled it down and deleted the feminine hygiene products and half the other stuff. This was the list I downloaded from that tool:

Motorcycle Camping Checklist
Created: 30-Sep-2012

Motorcycle stuff-
Cut down Walmart battery powered Air pump
Battery tricklecharger
Top box
2 Rok strap bungees
Spare key(s)
Tire patch kit
Riding Jacket
Riding Pants
Riding gloves
Riding boots
Spare Tubes
Reading glasses
Toothbrush & toothpaste


1 Pair Socks
Pair of black Jeans
Down vest
Polypro long underwear

Bike title/registration
Camera & accessories
Small Notebook/pen
Driver's License
Dummy wallet/licenses/expired CCs
Photocopies of docs
non mapping older GPS
Laptop computer
ITMB Mexico and Central America Maps

Freezer bags (for packing)
Zip ties
Credit cards
Duct tape
Needle and thread
Extra batteries
2 part epoxy
crank powered Flashlight
Camping stuff

Steri pen
2 compression sacks
Toilet paper
Sleeping bag

*Cooking stuff

Water bottle

I also found this bike maintenance checklist helpful:

I would have forgotten the swingarm bearing re-grease and a bunch of other things. Going down this list is easier than sitting and staring at the bike out in the garage. Although I have done plenty of that while I bide my time waiting to take off.

Hope this is helpful.

John Downs
South America and back on a 250 Super Sherpa Minimalist Adventure

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