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all good things must come to an end.
Day 10... the last day

Looking out the hotel window we see a clear sky, it is going to be a lovely day!

There's a lot of drama below though. The local farmers have driven a heard of cows into a little roped off area next to the car park. We can't quite figure this out, as everyone is just standing around.

As we are leaving it becomes clear. A cow hauling truck arrives and the cows are getting transported.

We set off for the Furka and do the climb in brilliant sunshine (versus the pea-soup fog of the day before).

the views are breath-taking (and the snow is new)

We don't bother stopping at the top of the Furka, we were just there. Instead we press on to the Grimsel where we do stop to check out the "sculpture".

They have a murmeltier park across the road. Turns out there are just groundhogs.... I wonder if they predict the spring like the ones in North America?

They seem to fancy carrots

The view back towards Gletsch

Time to keep cracking on north

Did I mention it was a perfect day?

Tearing-ass through the Swiss countryside. The pictures don't do it justice.

Just another snap of Michelle & "her" F 800 R (I think it's love)

After the Garmin sent us up a goat trail we found ourselves on this pass. It was the last stage of the 2012 Tour de Suisse if memory is correct.

It is noteworthy that unlike France & Italy where big bike races have gone through, there are no names etc painted on the road leading up here. Everything is "neat & tidy", properly Swiss

I saw a lot of these when I was in England, but haven't seen as many here (probably common, but I haven't been in the right places). They keep cows & other livestock from wandering down the road. Elegant in their simplicity.

Last gas before Moto Mader

Bikes are safe & sound

After the bikes get checked back in, Kurt Mader (the Mader in Moto Mader) drives us back over to the train station. Now we wait.

Kind of tired out. That deflated feeling of knowing the real world isn't that far away...

But there is a bright side. Remember early on I mentioned how hard Michelle works, but there are perks? Hotel Renaissance Zurich awaits!


So we get checked in, showered up, and head downstairs for dinner & drinks.

The last day of riding in maps:

Not bad really.. a few passes, some fantastic countryside, and a way we have never been before heading to Aarau.

144 km to finish it up. / about 2500 km total for 10 days of riding.

Now all we have to do is get up in time tomorrow for our flight & everything is golden.
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