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"Once, a few decades ago, I tried meditation. The trick, I was told, was to stay awake but "turn your brain off".
Focus on something (an apple, for example) to shut out the normal flow of thought. And then, slowly, you stop focusing
on the apple. The result is that you are there, but your brain is resting for a while.
I prefer a power nap, so I gave that up. But I find that when riding on the Autostrada I fall into the same mode.
I am alert, I am focused on the riding, on the cars and trucks, but I am not thinking.
I see the car and I judge it's speed, probability it will switch into my lane (truck in front of it?), and so on, but I don't
dwell on where they are going, what they are talking about caught up inside, or whatever.
I don't look at the speedometer and say to myself "The arrow is between 140 and 150, so the speed is about 140 km/h".
Instead I look at it and see that it is where it is supposed to be, without actually reading the digits. I know what 140 looks
like, and I don't need to read one-four-zero to translate it into 140.

I feel my brain is resting.
And the feeling of resting, of charging my batteries, as I run down the Autostrada at 140 km/h (87 mph) is fantastic.
Again: I'm not at all running on auto pilot, but I am not thinking either. I don't know how to explain it.
But I can tell you this: I love that feeling of high-speed solitude."[/QUOTE]

Hell'eva way of describing 'riding'! Many of the guys I ride with plug in their IPods and listen to their favorite tunes. Numerous time I've been asked why I don't do the same thing and I answer the same way: riding is my escape from the world---totally!!! I am resting, but I'm also totally aware of everything around me, without consciously thinking about it all. I see it all, I react to situations that come up, but its all done subconsciously. I'm taking it ALL in, but in a divers relaxed manner. It is a 'cleansing of mind, soul and spirit' that is hard to exhaling to someone that has not experienced the perfection of 'high speed solitude'.
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