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Time to once again talk about the Cancer-Ride coming up...

We've have some misfortune, and a few riders back-out of the trip.
With the lack of riders, it threatens the ride AND reaching our goal of $10,000 in donations.

I know times are tough for most people these days, and I'm one who is also feeling that pain. 917 days of actual unemployment. Specifically; 2 years, 6 months and 2 days. I personally, am "barely" afloat and making mortgage, or utilities each month. I can't afford to put on the ride, let alone RIDE IT myself. However, I dug deep and donated a $100 and will be making the ride... I have to. I realize, it's not for me that "the show must go on"... It's to see those smiles on the kids, when they are told of our donation efforts and what we were able to accomplish in such a crappy economy and during such high unemployment rates.

I'm not one to "make it" personal when donations are slow... but I do "take it" personal. I take this whole ride, and it's cause personal. After watching the strongest woman I know (my mother) wilt away in 6 months, due to her short fight with pancreatic cancer... I take anything with the word Cancer, VERY personal. You should too, especially if you have children!

Kids don't deserve to know such a disease. Yet, they do. Approximately 4 kids every day (in the USA alone)... meet their maker from Cancer. Yet, 75% of the kids with Cancer can survive if given proper treatment.

It's given, Our dollars DO make a difference. It's time to donate;
~ Johnny J

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