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I've tested out the Desierto now on some longer rides, some offroad only rides, some road rides and mixed, and I'm of two minds about it.

I certainly love how it looks, it really finishes off the look of the bike. It provides pretty good wind protection but with some things I have noticed are a problem for me being 186cm tall.

1) Having the screen in its highest and full forward position creates a weird buffeting effect that if I wear a road helmet and have the visor open, the visor catches the wind and vibrates. It doesnt even need to be open all the way, but it shakes and vibrates and carries on. It's bloody annoying.

2) The screen provides great wind protection though I have to hunch a little bit to actually stay in the clean air, otherwise I'm in this weird zone between direct flow and nice wind protection and it makes my head wobble around. This is surprisingly not as bad wearing a dirt bike helmet because you can direct your head down a bit and i think the wind just slices over the top of the peak, and then you're sweet.

3) It shakes and wobbles so much! I've got it all tightened up and it's installed correctly, but the amount it appears to move around when offroad freaks me out. I know it's fine but I still get irked about that.

4) Boy do the adjustable screen bolts love to come loose. Ride offroad or on corrugated roads and they come loose so quickly it's not funny. you can make this not as noticeble by locking it in the bottom lowest position and it doesnt come as loose as easy. What things have people done to solve this? I love the adjustability but I wish I wouldn't have to stress about them rattling loose all the time.

All in all though it's stupidly expensive but I do really like it. Looks and function are right up there, but I'm just a touch too tall for its effective wind protection area I think, and that is a shame. I'm going to test with different screen positions as I think that I may be able to find one where I cop a bit more wind but it's "cleaner" air.... and see how I go. Two thumbs up from me though for the desierto but that may just be me trying desperately to justify my purchase
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