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Originally Posted by Kommando View Post
I got the DR650SE because it has enough power/torque, gearspread, stability, and smoothness to also run slab...2up and on a budget. It's about as tall and heavy as I would want to ride offroad. Bigger people may be fine on some of the heavier beasts. I dump it a lot, mostly from lack of skill and short legs, but I'm strong enough to pick it up, repeatedly, by just grabbing the bars. Using better technique makes it even easier.

Most of the smaller-displacement bikes that have enough power to slab are even taller than the DR, and they likely won't have the down-low torque to easily tractor up sandy hills with a passenger on the back. The DR actually isn't difficult to ride over most terrain I've yet long as you have appropriate tires, AND you're not in a hurry. Don't try to keep up with real enduro bikes on a packmule like this unless you've got some serious skills.
Except for the two-up part, this looks like an entry I would write regarding riding my DR.

Couple of trips back, I was up in the dirt roads of the Olympics with a buddy, he was on a DR650, I was on XT225 and I kept thinking to myself, "Damnit he is slow, why can't he at least try and keep up." My tendency towards impatience was bubbling up.

Then last week I was up in the same area riding my DR650 loaded with camping gear.

Damnit I'm slow.

Just plodding along every bit as slow as my buddy was before, DOH!
Excellent, our country is now run by folks that would allow you to smoke pot in Washington State, but not buy a Big-Gulp in New York.

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