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Originally Posted by rpet View Post
Cool idea!

Some thoughts:
- If mudflaps are consumable, these should have consumable pricing. A 4xOEM price for a 1.5xOEM durability won't succeed.
- I personally don't like the aesthetics of a tiny bit of carbon weave on a vehicle that is 95% metal, so a solid color option (stealth look) would be a bonus for me.
Thanks rpet!

-Totally agree with what your saying, but these flaps will not be disposable like the stock ones. GatosBros not about paying more for less. I'm trying to get my bike to the point where the only things I have to replace is gas and tires. (I think these mudflaps are only a small piece to the puzzle.)

-I hear what your saying. I thought the twill looked a bit sexxay myself, but it would be easy enough to do solid colors. Might be a bit tricky to find plain Kevlar cloth in a color other than yellow though... Can look around some more.
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