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The first few miles up Cinnamon Pass were pretty uneventful, once we got past the parking lots for the jeep and ATV haulers things got a little more interesting. We had to work around our share of jeeps and ATVS, I don't think riding this on the weekend would be very fun.

Around 10,000 feet there was a tight switchback with a steep rough exit, I stopped to square it up. Alex stopped too and and he could not get the KLR to take off again! I yelled at him to put into first gear, he of course yelled back IT IS. I had the ninja parked beyond the steep exit and walked down to Alex. I asked him to let me on the bike and see what was going on with it, reluctantly he got off and I tried to scoot the bike up the steep exit. The bike just didn't have any power, I revved the piss out of it and got it over the hump and parked it next to the ninja. I looked at the GPS and noticed we were at 10,000 ft, 2000 plus to go, I told Alex that we were going to have to turn around. The old man screwed up and didn't even consider changing the stock gearing on the KLR. Alex would have none of it, he insisted the bike could make it to the top, I knew it wouldn't.

Reluctantly I agreed to continue on. I gave Alex a push to get him going and then over took him on the incline. I am thinking this is crazy and worried his bike is going to stall and he'll drop the thing. Switch back after switchback we are getting closer to the top, we are riding at a good pace to keep the revs up. I can't believe the KLR is still climbing.

We come to a small parking area just not far from the top, I pull in and Alex follows. Alex says the bike is running OK and he can make it, I tell him to lead the way to the summit. Alex is pulling off his helmet when I pull up beside him at the summit, the look on his face said a lot. He conquered it, and he was proud.

Just getting started.

View from the small parking area.

Alex taking the lead.

Take that Dad.

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