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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
On eBay several vendors are selling inexpensive pens that have a rubber dome on the end that works like an un-gloved finger.I have one of those in my tank bag.

They also sell "finger cots" that work with the iPhone, there are a few pairs of gloves that work with the iphone, and (also on eBay ... ) there are several folks selling "conductive" thread that you are supposed to be able to hand-stitch thru the finger-tip of a glove to make it work...
They claim success ... but "less" success if you iPhone has a screen protector installed ...
But he said "iPhones and other smartphones and most GPS units are just too small to press at 120 kph or down bumpy trails" So pulling a special pen out of your tank bag won't be any easier in that case than pushing a small physical button. Also if they claim "less success" with these conductive materials, I wonder how do they work with that water and bomb proof iPad case?
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