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Hey JD,

Cheers to you my friend. I'd be happy to give you a couple dineros once you get a paypal link going. I know what it's like doing everything on a limited budget. With three growing kids roaming the house, there's not a lot of spare change to be found. I'll be doing my SA trip in hopefully 2018 or 2019 when my kids are out of high school.

Until then is a long wait, but believe it or not, I already have most of my gear ready to go, and my bike of choice will be my lowly DR350. Everyone thinks I'm nuts. "Oh, you can't go to SA,'s too dangerous. You'll get kidnapped by a narco-trafficing, thug" Or,..."you can't ride a little 350 to SA, you need a bike with at least a million cc's"

And I continue to be absolutely dumbfounded by the great people here at the ADV nut-factory who are riding 800lbs behemouths with enough luggage and misc. gear to outfit four people let alone themselves.

It's really, really refreshing to see someone do their SA dream trip without a million dollars, a GS1200, and spending the entire trip in a hotel/hostel/resort.

Good on ya!
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