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That morning we got up and things were a little of a mess with unusually roudy remnants of beer cans and all of the whiskey gone, to the point where Harcus took off a little early to try to find a trash bag from one of our neighbors. Jim and I got up around dawn and there was cloud cover and somehow we still seemed to take forever getting rolling and it was at least 8:30 agian before we got rolling. The other guys were feeling OK, I was feeling pretty damn stiff after 3 good nights now of drinking.

Here are a couple photos from that morning...

And Kev rolling up shortly before we left as the sun started peaking...
Again, epic spot...

From here we basically blasted north along some more fun fast and smooth roads along roads that all three of us knew. Pretty soon we started seeing some landmarks we'd passed a couple days earlier and were on roads from our way down. I drew the way back up in white...

Again my camera was sort of on the fritz from dust in the lens so there were many opportunities for great pics but I didn't really take any. We stopped at the Wellington Chevron again, which really is the landmark in this area, and had sort of a late breakfast / early lunch which was mostly our last real meal for the day on our way home and some nice warm coffee. We gassed up and about here I started becoming pretty adament about 3.5 gallons of gas or less for the way home which was a little risky but I definitely was sick of hauling around 25 lbs of extra unused fuel...

Jim ran into a couple in their late 50s or 60s on some gullwings or similar that were from California. The guy had a pretty neat wife on her own bike and they were nice as can be and wearing knee pads which was AGATT, and nice to see, and they were equally impressed with Jim and us and all of our stuff on our bikes, dirty as can be, and looking tough... Kevin started doing wheelies in the parking lot too.

Next we went back along the original route we planned, which was up from a famous road that comes right out at the Wellington Chevron called 9 Mile Canyon. 9 Mile Canyon is hotly contested because it was a Native American hotbed and the canyon walls are lines with Native American wall art and due to all of the oil and gas in the area the trucks creating dust times 100s of trucks coming down the road every day was supposedly ruining the wall art and destroying the environment. So the solution.. ...they paved it, and were finishing the last of it as we spoke.

Tthere were some deep now concrete washes and the road was fast and actually beautiful and twisty and awesome. We were actually psyched to be on some slab. Normally I avoid twisties on the dirt bike but all three of us were feeling it and hit the road fast and hard and had about 30 miles of awesome beautiful fun twists & turns. All completely in control of course, but just barely enough spirit in our riding to really have a lot of fun.

Then we came to the intersection with the Argyle canyon dirt road. We'd gone up at least another 1-2K feet in elevation and it started getting cooler and went from the deserts we'd been in for days to cool high elevation alpine forest on more of these fast jeep/subaru type roads through folks' rural ranches and good hunting terrain.

Here is the route basically showing the alpine route all the way from Wellington right back to Wallsburg and Midway where we'd all met up.

We really only got one good photo in the area which was this gorgeous high area where the temps dropped to low 50s maybe and we were at least 8500-9K feet or so in the southern most parts of the Uinta Mountains. This trip really did take us all over the place in all sorts of crazy terrain.

This part was a Ute Indian reservation and the folks we passed were Ute Indian ranchers in their early 90s beat up pickup trucks, herding their cattle. We were cruising through area after area of beautiful steep rough road with steep descents and ascents and tons of downed deadfall trees from the bark beetle epidemic that is sweeping Utah and Colorado. It was beautiful and scerene, and very cool in both how amazing it was, and in the temps... Completely different than in the morning. And its crazy how drastic temp changes (mountain to desert) can affect you on the bike. We all started getting cold and layered up, and it makes you feel weak on the bike. It was also pretty cool what these ranchers were also getting their trucks and campers & stuff up and over.

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