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We kept cruising and pretty soon it started to get to early afternoon and the road all the way back to Salt Lake City and Park City (where I live) started feeling pretty long. But it was pretty good. I forgot how rocky it was also on the way over so this was wearing me down a little at least, but it was continuing to be very pretty. Harcus shot a photo:

By then I also started noticing something really peculiar... Tons of noise coming from my chain particularly when I was airing off the little whoopdie doos and this started getting worse and worse. I looked down at my front cog and it was pretty much completely missing all teeth. Super weird because its only 1500 miles old and looked good that morning. Maybe my chain was getting loose or maybe it was all the fun air we were getting as this stuff really really rolled...

Here is a pic of what it looked like when I came home..

Kev couldn't believe it held at all but I'd been thorugh this before on my last trip and I just tightened the chain. I had a 14 tooth cog in my bag though and in hindsight I should have just replaced it. Looks like it also took out the oil seal behind the cog too.

And finally we headed back through Wallburg making it home right around 4 PM with all of us basically needing to be working the next day. In Midway we stopped back around the gas station where we all met and we all had at least a gallon to get home, so we didn't fuel up. Next we went over the Guardsman's pass road again and were really feeling the twisties again to the point where my side nubs on the tires are pretty well worn and it was pretty exciting.

We knuckle bumped at the top and I dropped down to Park City and it felt surreal, as it always does, rolling through the traffic as you've just been through an epic adventure and back, and it was awesome.

When I got home I surprisingly had good energy, completely unloaded and even started working on little items on the bike....

It was just awesome and I thought about Jim and Kevin and we've already traded god knows how many emails. Here's to a one more great trip, and a couple great new friends...
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