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Trying to understand how the ABS system "thinks" here. When I first start out on the bike, I never have any immediate errors. All warning lights off. This goes for 10 or so minutes into a ride, and THEN I get the errors. When the errors happen, I'm not doing anything but riding.

I would assume that the system pressure is scanned at some interval, definitely at startup, and surely faster than 10+ minutes.

Today, rather than just putting around town, I made sure that I was on it the whole time, keeping the rpms up high, worried that maybe my system isn't charging, and I'm getting the fault because the voltage is getting low as I'm riding. When I got home, I measured at one of the accessory ports and got 12.74V. This seems like it would be acceptable for the battery without the bike running, but if I was just coming back from a ride, I sort of would have thought the battery might still be coming off a charge but I'm not an expert on this. I also wasn't out long, as once the error happens, I lose all serve assist.
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