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Hey JD,

Until then is a long wait, but believe it or not, I already have most of my gear ready to go, and my bike of choice will be my lowly DR350. Everyone thinks I'm nuts. "Oh, you can't go to SA,'s too dangerous. You'll get kidnapped by a narco-trafficing, thug" Or,..."you can't ride a little 350 to SA, you need a bike with at least a million cc's"...

It's really, really refreshing to see someone do their SA dream trip without a million dollars, a GS1200, and spending the entire trip in a hotel/hostel/resort.

Good on ya!
Hi VooDooDaddy.

This rides for you! I remember following my friend Gene through the woods. He was on a DR 350. What a sweet bike. No way I could keep up with him. Well okay, Gene can ride circles around me. But that little Suzuki is a good one. Continue ignoring the naysayers and follow your dreams. The older I get the faster time flies. Your kids will be in college before you know it. I look forward to reading your ride reports in the not so distant future.

I really enjoy writing ride reports. And yes, I will figure out how to put up a paypal donate button if I run low on funds and people are enjoying reading along and would like to help keep this ride report going a tad longer.

I have nothing against people who ride big bikes and live large. It's fun to read their ride reports. And yes I know their rear shock cost more than my bike. Nothing wrong with that. I just can't afford to do it. Anyway, I have been through Mexico and Central America many times and it pounds the crap out of your bike. I would hate to have a lot of expensive stuff to keep an eye on really. And living in rural Nebraska, I actually enjoy seeing how far I can go on a limited budget. Its not for everyone though. But if nothing else, I hope to inspire some of the younger folks out there to see that yes they can ride long and far for less than they might imagine.

Anyway, thanks for the kind words. Now get back out and finish picking corn before the next storm rolls through! And feel free to drop by for a free place to stay if you're ever through the Sandhills of Northern Nebraska. We're practically neighbors. I imagine we have a lot in common.

John Downs
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