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Hi Paulutions,

This is my book and seminar. And it is free for the taking. I was fortunate to have an English professor stepfather who explained to me just how futile it was to think you could make money as an author. Although his books of poetry are in the Library of Congress, the pay was meager for the effort involved. Anyway, I enjoy writing and reading these stories later on. And I imagine people who like traveling light and cheap aren't the most likely candidates to pay big bucks for seminars.

But I am definitely in the less is more camp. There are plenty of minimalist riders out there. Some by choice. Others by necessity. You are wise. I too started off for Asia in my younger years with a huge backpack and returned nine months later with a daypack having sent everything else home or given it away. Everyone finds what works for them eventually. But I agree that large expensive solutions aren't necessarily the best for everyone. Having hiked the AT I am sure you have noticed that mental toughness and perseverance in the face of adversity is more important than expensive gear.

Anyway, thanks for the kind offer. Nice to know someone's got my back in the Land of Enchantment. Although there's not much I can't fix on the road. The Sherpa is dirt simple to work on. In fact I went to tune it up two weeks ago and backed out the spark plug only to find some piece of crud welded itself to the bottom thread and boogered up the spark plug threads as I backed it out. Had to take the head off and install a timesert:

With the camera flash you can't really see the boogered bottom thread on the old spark plug in this crappy photo, but you get the idea. Anyway, that bike is like working on a riding mower only easier access. Although I did have to adjust one exhaust valve shim. It had tightened up a couple thousandths. I haven't had to touch the valves in 21,000 miles and had never done shim under bucket. But with the internet, and the Sherpa being a miniature KLR style there was plenty of info on the net for figuring out how to take the camshafts out and replacing the one shim. I just watched this KLR650 valve adjust video on Youtube and it was the same disassembly procedure:

Anyway the bike is back together now. The hardest part of the job was figuring out how to reset the automatic cam chain tensioner. But I like taking things apart and figuring out how they work. And I know from previous trips just how thankful I have been that I took the time to put on new tires, fresh battery and fix everything at home instead of on the road.

So if an old fart like me who has to remove the top end to do a tune up can make it to South America and back, just imagine how much easier it will be for you.

Maybe you'll be hearing from me if the motor blows in Honduras.

Thanks again. Nice to have you along for the ride. And who knows? Maybe that Galluping Sherpa has your name on it.

Kindest regards,
John Downs
South America and back on a 250 Super Sherpa Minimalist Adventure

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