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The Cape

Thankyou Bri. I'll be keeping an eye on your report too.
And, The Cape. Finally saw my "window" and prepared for a good ride. As I was in Rockland saw the flic Rock of Ages last night.

Haven't been a fan of rock musicals since, say, Rocky Horror (yes, I'm that old) but I gotta say, because of a good reproduction of the tunes, I liked it. Matter of fact I have a lot of the same on my Iphone. So it inspired me to leave plugged in and singing all the way up and down the Cape.
All out rides should be this picture perfect.

Had lunch close to this big thang.

I was tempted to hang around and see if I could get a pic from the top but well, the "window" was calling.
The sideroads in and around the Cape are a fantastic ride but a lot of corners have nice little sandtraps so caution was the order of the day,

And the beaches. What can I say?

The Atlantic side just showed more and more of how Mitts buddies live.

With BG wanting me to buy her one of these.

Luckily, I convinced her it wasn't big enough.
My old friends the clouds started showing up around Rhode Is.

And then, the bridge.

It's become really apparent that following Garmin routes can lead you into the damnest situations. I paid my toll and went over the bridge keeping my eye on the map (instead of the roadsigns) to show me the route. Those traffic circles are usually where I get into trouble but this bridge turned out to be the cream. Following Mr. Garmin led me right round, headed back over the bridge. As it's all one way it looked like I was trapped to go back over. Pulled over and walked over to the toll booth guy to explain my delimma. I think he had seen it more than once as he did his best Sgt. Shultz impersonation and told me how to hop the curb and go down the embankment to the road below. And, this is where I am so glad I stuck with the dual-sport. The curb was a bit largeer than usual. Prolly a full 8" but BG easily mounted it. (Figuratively speaking) Thank the Gods that the slope and wallow had a good day to dry out as my Girl easily handled it to the road. I say agaain that I am sure her big weight adds, not subtracts, to her stablenesss. I might have been down on my ass on my old f800GS. A quick jaunt to the turnaround had me going the right way again.
The clouds gradually increased and just getting into New London where I was going to catch the ferry to long Island, the crap started again. Grabbed a room and watched it come down. Today is the ferry across, less rain (I hope) and my plan to get past NY around midday across the easternmost bridge. I still got it mapped to follow the coast but if it looks like I am getting jammed up I may go for the interstate. As I am a fan of Boardwalk Empire I may go for one of those super cheap three day packages. We will see.
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