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Here are a few of my pics from day 2

This is where the Scott lost his MSR bottle and then Mark ran it over, tuff little bottles no damage at all.

Hey where is my MSR bottle? I put it on my bike only because even a few lbs of gas missing on Scott's bike could only help.

We had a few 2-way radios with us that did come in handy a few times when we lost sight of the road or needed to check on the bikes that stopped to adjust gear.

Just about every stop Mark (bubbles) had his camera in action mode.

Here are a few pics from the road down to Jarbrige. To get to this road that had a big road closed sign at the start of it you have to ride right through a ranchers front yard, but we did run into the family on dirt bikes out for a ride and they informed us the road was open and we would have on problem getting to town on bikes.

Made it, and Mike is right! it was one of the better places we ate.

We set camp and washed of the dirt off in the river, burrrrr very cold just ask Dr. Dan he was the only one that would brave a full dip.

Ready for day 3, but wish we could have stayed an extra day in Jarbrige, it was to much to see in one day.
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