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Seriously though, I think you're trying to make two wrongs a right. If so, your tires will wear faster and you'll use more gas. Check the front alignment first. It's harder to check the steering bearings on these bikes because the brake line and clutch cable interfere with the "feel". Regardless, improper bearing adjustment doesn't cause a pull to one side, only weaving equal on both sides.

First confirm the problem. I can just hear the Dealer's thoughts as you say BOTH your new bikes pull left. (Doesn't mean you're wrong though) Find a newer smooth road and travel in one direction noting the track. Immediately return on the same stretch and compare. Riding in the centre (crown) is better if it's safe. Doing this will eliminate cross wind and camber influences. Still goes left on both runs? Then it's alignment. Even if you bought the bike new and never dropped it, the front wheel can still be out of alignment. I've seen the boxes fall off the truck...... Get a flat plate of glass or steel as big as possible (maybe 12"x8") to place flat on the chrome part of the front forks. All four corners should touch at the same time. If not then you have to loosen the wheel and forks and tweak it till it does, then retighten everything to spec and try that with the rear wheel equal and straight. Only when the front alignment is confirmed should you look further. If your bike is in the shop for another reason then ask if they'll put the flat plate on your forks. It'll take 30 seconds to check.

My used F8 was all out of whack from previous dumps. First I straightened the fork alignment and then the handle bar alignment making it track straight but the bars are bent slightly so it always looks like it's going left. With the throttle lock on I can let go and it tracks straight although it looks left.
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