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We are concerned with what kind of ignition you have but the balancing the carbs basic procedure with out any "expensive" tools is the same whether it's electronic or ignition points.

Just a little note to begin with. You should do the entire tune up procedure. (I suppose you have changed all the oils and fluids?) The tune up starts with setting the valves. The numbers are 0.006 intake and 0.008 exhaust. Set cold. (I use 0.10mm intake and 0.20mm exhaust)(I don't know why. Everybody else likes the .006 & .008 numbers)

Next is the points dwell or gap and timing. Timing should be set for idle and then corrected for full advance. There is a dot on the flywheel for the full advance setting. You need a timing light to do this. Or you can get by with a test light to set the ignition for idle.

After these items are attended to or you are satisfied that it's really time to just balance the carbs anyway you will need one cheap other tool. These are a set, pair, of small, 4mm, studs used for shorting out the plugs and setting balance. You can either make this tool for about $3.00 or you can buy it at Northwoods Airheads for $13.00

I think you'll find the tool on that page. Here is what it looks like;

At your local neighborhood hardware store they have a section of nuts and bolts. They should have this small 4mm screw there. I found two sizes. One was 60mm long and one(for a lamp or something) was 70mm long. The longer one is better but a little shorter will still work. Take the ferrule that came with a new set of spark plugs with you to the hardware store to help find the screw. This is the thread size of the end of the spark plugs that the wire caps clip onto. Get two screws and two nuts. Cut the head off the screws, use the nuts to lock the ferrules to one end of the remaining stud and you now have a pair of shorting rods to balance your carbs.

Or just buy them. I think half the people that I give this info to just buy them any way. For some reason I think you are going to make yours. I'll try to be back later to do the stand up routine of using your balancing tools but right now I have to go out side and rebuild the emergency brakes on my car.
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