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I just came up on 9k miles on my 2008 model. I bought it to ride the CDR solo. I left it in AZ.

Last month I flew to Phoenix to grab the bike and meet a friend in Echo Park CO. We planned to ride a dirt track to Nevada. The trip went OK, but missed the first half because my fuel pump wouldn't work. I ordered a new one but it didn't come in. I managed to get the old one working, but lost 3.5 days so we met in Salt Lake instead and rode the Pny Xpress trail west. Now I have a spare fuel pump at a cost of $403!

Only other problem is my chainset is shot already. I must've abused it somehow.

Mine is equipped for travel:

No problem with the large tank. I get about 220 miles range out of it. The gas doesn't slosh around or anything and it's under 4 gallons anyway.

I think the rear shock is a little harsh as the spring and stroke is pretty short. Top speed is about 90mph at sea level, but I generally cruise in the 60's. The seat is comfy for me with a sheepskin on it.

The best improvement for me was using T63 Michelins. I have been able to tackle sand washes and mud a lot easier then the stock b'stones (not that I am an aggressive rider. I am actually quite timid).

My KTM is a lot faster, but the Yam is very smooth. Not a tingle anywhere. It just takes awhile to get used to the power delivery. But the reason I bought it was to have a touring bike I could pick up out of the mud or rock gardens by myself. I have a few times. It's still a bit of a struggle, but I can do it easily enough if I'm thoughtful about it, even if it's laying bars low.

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WR250R riders- what down side or problems, if any, for traveling with a big gas tank on a WR250R?
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