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I "downgraded" from a Speed Triple to the F700.

Aside from the fact that I don't give a rat's ass about what other people say (since I'm the one who's riding the bike, not them), the reason why I did it, is because I needed a bike that was easier and more relaxing to ride.

The Triple was a powerful bike, kinda jumpy and definitely targeted to high-power, high-performance type of riding. Fun, but in the end, I didn't want to deal with the stress of keeping the bike under surveillance every second.

With the F700 I feel that I can relax more.

It's still a motorcycle and while the engine is not the most powerful out there, it's got quite a kick to it, so the F700 still demands that the rider pays attention and gives it the appropriate amount of respect.

That being said, having "less" bike to deal with, makes riding much more fun.

Plus it's lighter than the 1200 ... which means that offroad, with the appropriate tires, would be less challenging to negotiate around rough terrain.

This is one case where I feel that less is more.

And again, I couldn't care less about what other people think..

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