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Originally Posted by blaine.hale View Post
4 gallons of target brand generic stuff for around $2.50 a gallon.

Just pour in and soak for 2 days. Most people say 1 day but I didn't see results until after 30ish hours. I've still got a bit of crud in the bottom but the POR15 stuff should take care of the rest. I put no nuts/bolts/chains or anything in it to loosen the big pretty much did that on it's own. The baking soda step is pretty important and fun too (it fizzles hehe.)

Also..if you have a sensitive nose (me!) it's probably one of the worst combination of smells I've had to deal's still burned into my nose.
By the way I use vinegar and baking soda to clean drains in the shower. Works like a charm if you do it right.
Pour in the baking soda first, then the vinegar. Works every time.
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