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Originally Posted by Bultaco206 View Post
This may be THE most logical, truthful, spot-on post in the history of this website. ^

We can hide behind the bikes...too big...too small...but at the end of the day it's how we ride what we ride, and the enjoyment, that matters most.

I've raced old bikes against new, new against old, against kids, and against those older than I. And I've ridden things in places that had no business being there...on both ends of the spectrum. Each time I've enjoyed the experience.

Our poster seems to be looking for justification. He needn't try so hard. He already has my respect because he posts here and I enjoy reading about it, and the postings of others.

The bikes are simply the tools of our trade.

Until you bury your 1800 GoldWing trying to cross an eastern Ohio mud bog on a trail ride....

Doesn't make much sense to use an 8 lb sledge when you need to loosen a 10 mm bolt. Now whether you use a box end, open end, ratchet and socket, or crescent wrench is another story..

The motorcycle may just be tools, but it takes close to the right type of tool for the job

Of course that is up to the rider... who may be a tool!
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