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Originally Posted by d_mob View Post
Nice RR...

I'll be in Panama in Feb (unfortunately NOT on two wheels this trip) and will be taking a friend's boat to Cartagena for my sister-in-law's wedding. If you need any info on Colombia, let me know as my wife is from Medellin. In addition, if you need an interesting/amazing way to cross the gap, let me know and I'll link you up with a friend of mine who runs said sail boat to/from Panama (San Blas) / Cartagena. Would be an interesting and fun way for you to get to Colombia as you mentioned wanting to earlier.

Anyway, enjoy the trip, stay safe, and don't forget to put down the camera on occasion and soak it in selfishly just for you.

~ David (
Thanks for the tip on the boat. When I get closer to Panama I am going to think harder about what and how. A lot will depend on time.

And don't worry. I am hardly going out of my way to take pictures. I am taking this trip for the trip and not to be a photographer. I am grabig a few when I can . I often up load them during my down time. When the bike is parked I do. Lot of walking around and need to rest. Those afternoon siestas seem brilliant.
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