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Originally Posted by naginalf View Post
I would love to support a US manufacturer, but for the money, I want something more than just holes in a piston, and it sounds like that's all they have. If someone knows otherwise concerning their construction, I'll probably just keep it, it does seem like a good, reliable unit. I'm not ruling it out.

However, new stuff does bring stars to my eyes and I get scope creep easily. That being said, there may be a group buy possible with the Yacugar stuff, all we need is 5 interested parties for what looks like a rather good discount on either the emulsion shock or the fully adjustable F-RS with a remote reservoir and hydraulic preload, perhaps around 7-800 for the latter (don't quote me yet, just looking for interest).

But I was particularly interested in the S-MX model. I know a lot of us are transforming our G/S or GS into some very rugged dirtbike oriented machines, but I've also heard that Ohlins and Wilbers are a tad delicate under harsh conditions or hard riding, plus they are more road oriented since no one thinks of airheads as dirtbikes. But this company is considering making this shock for our application, designed specifically for off road use, something no one has really done before. Oh sure, a shock is a shock, and you can valve it any way you want, but is it designed for the rigors of serious off roading? I'm not sure if this one is, but I'd rather have a shock that was designed to take the abuse of MX and valve it for more road orientation than the other way around.

So, that being said, any interest in either case?
Work Performance uses a variable damper that automatically adjusts as you are riding. I have used their shocks for 25 years and really like the product and the people behind them.
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