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Originally Posted by naginalf View Post
Don't they set the valving up at the factory to match the appropriate spring rate, I know it's general, but I'd think that would be necessary. Of course with fully adjustable model, probably not necessary. I just figured that post sale valving would cost extra. I'm not 100% on Yacuga or Wilbers, but I think Yacuga is offering theirs with custom valving and spring, and Works valves them properly setup from the factory. Anyway, I was just making a general point, sorry for the misinformation if so. Works were absolutely insistent that their shock would not work with a bigger spring without revalving, so I'm not sure how the others are getting away with that. If that's the case, then buying an emulsion shock from the other companies would be silly for a person like me. Geez, it's always the fine print that getsya.

But that fits with my options anyway, either I'll rebuild, revalve, and respring the Works, or I'm going top of the line where the adjustability makes revalving unnecessary (right?).

I think you are overlooking the fact that you have a Works Shock that can be rebuilt to your specs for $400 which is your best / cheapist way to go - Do you believe you will get that much better of a ride from a ohlins or yacuga??? Will Yacuga custom build to your specs?? Your original question is being answered if you want a custom build to your specs rebuild the Works shock. You already have the old shock get it rebuilt> Best deal!!!
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