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I'm not overlooking the rebuild at all, you quoted me saying that was one of two options I've arrived at . And hearing glowing reviews about the company makes me really reconsider the rather large expense of a new one, thanks for the info Solo.

However, if I can get a brand spanky new, fully adjustable and customized, dirt oriented shock made by reputable engineers (the WP engineers left and formed yacuga when it went to KTM), for $100 less than the best ohlins, I'm definitely going to start a group buy for them if there's interest.

And, Solo, regarding that info, I'm not completely familiar with shock construction, and I'm getting confused about what's what. What is a "variable damper" and how does that work? So emulsion simply means that it doesn't have an external bladder, right. And from what I've learned of front suspension, a damper rod system is simply a piston with holes, but what is the comparable form of a "cartridge fork" for rear suspension with shim stacks? I was assuming that emulsion = damper rod, but that doesn't seem to be necessarily true. So, does the Works Ultrasport have a shim stack or holes? From what the technician there said, it was holes. I'm sure I'm oversimplifying things, set me straight here.
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