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Big HP not important for my purpose.

Originally Posted by jckid View Post

Powerwise, any of the bikes I've mentioned will blow away the 230L. A WR would be a nice step up for you, but the KLX is worth considering too, although I definitely recommend the 351 kit if you get it.
Thanks, really, for the details from your extensive experience. Very valid points.

Some further clarification of my unclear perhaps unusual approach to this...

Big power is not important for my purpose. Big suspension is not important for my purpose.

I remain undecided whether I will get the WR250R for traveling CDR etc. My 230L Adventure would do the job, 73 MPG, so easy, I do not drop it when riding, ever, in 6k+ miles. Perhaps this will be controversial, but I see my 230L and the XT225 as the only viable true dualsport motorcycles with dry weight under 250lbs.

I am not really excited about maintenance and modifications...just what I need to do is enough. I just want it to work right for my purposes. I am more interested in light weight < 300lbs or less for singletrack, dependability, low maintenance, MPG, reasonable/ adequate performance.

Yes, if I was looking for power, I would not have the 230L. If I was looking for a lot of comfort I would drive my Chevy Impala on highway or my Jeep on the dirt...Yes, I know the 230L is a 'dog', knew it when I bought it, not a real problem except on highway a little annoying sometimes. As much as I admire the WR250R. I admire the power characteristics of the 230L probably more for my purposes.I can tell you that in tight rough riding the 230L has real advantages, even over the 250R except I can flatfoot the 250R and it would be easy to ride. But the short wheelbase of the 230L, rake, seat height, power characteristics offer attributes unmatched even by the 250R.

As far as suspension, I do not mind using the 230L on gravel/ dirt and singletrack. If I stand on my nice XRs Only footpegs with the 1 7/8 handlebar risers, the loaded bike handles well and is comfortable with what I have encountered on the WABDR, Naches Pass jeep trail, singletrack based camping, etc. The singletrack that I ride is not fast, usually leans technical, narrow, no big opportunity to use a lot of suspension and HP. The 230L covers a lot of steep tight terrain with little or no wheelspin where other nice dirtbikes are roosting their way up or through.

I had a Husky CR360GP that was quite quick, as well as the IT490, fast and great suspension. As well, I rode my two-stroke GT750 in 44 states, to AK on the mostly gravel AK Hwy, and down into Baja. So I understand power, those two-strokes would probably be hard to match with modern bikes, possible, but difficult to match.

Truth is, if my 230L was a 300L <300 lbs, and still got 73MPG on dirt like the 230, that would be the absolute ultimate in my view!

My CRF230L Adventure-

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