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Originally Posted by Jeuneyer View Post
I know most of you will say to just ride what you want and don't worry about what everybody else thinks but...

I get the impression that unless you are at least on a F800, you are settling on a inferior bike.

What I really don't understand is that the Vstrom DL650 is considered a perfectly respectable bike but has a smaller motor than the F650. How does that make any logical sense.

Is the F650/700 to BMW what a sportster is to HD? Will calling it a F700GS change the mindset?

I passed my driving licence in france on a F650GS twin. It was amazing and I loved it. After that I bought a F650GS single and now I have a F800GS. I don't think that the F650GS twin is an inferior bike. It's smooth and I don't think that the +14 (or somewhat) hp you get more from the F8GS is relevant. I took the 8GS because I wanted spoked wheels and a 6th gear for the highway. Since the F650GS twin is coming without the spoked wheels I got the F800GS (and honestly I dig the design of the 8GS). But anyway I don't think that I'd be unhappy with a 658gs. It's comfy, smooth, has all the options I like and a farkle list as long as my arm.
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