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Wednesday 10/3: Summersville, West Virginia - Hagerstown, Maryland

It took me a long time to remember where I started from this morning. When I start waking up wondering where am I and why I'm there (usually happens in the tent), then I know it's time to head for home. But not quite yet.

My buddy SoPaRider (and Ms. SoPaRider as well) are gonna be screaming "YOU IDIOT" when they see my destination. See, their place (where they have graciously said I could drop by) is about 25 miles from H'Town. My excuses are:

1. I have a soft spot for Hagerstown, dating from the old "Hagerstown Half Mile" dirt-track event...
2. I don't wanna impose any more on SoPaRider's hospitality than I have to...
3. I didn't know it was that close; I'm losing track of my route planning...

It's gettin' to be a little bit of a "chore," folks...maybe spending some time poking around Gettysburg will recharge me a little. Plus when I leave G'burg I head SOUTH, and that's sorta like heading home.

Leaving Summersville, WV (and leaving WV, for that matter

I actually got quite a large number of "route planning" suggestions for traversing West Virginia, but I ended up leaving Summersville on WV 41 to Craigsville, then following WV 20 to Webster Springs, then taking WV 15 to Valley Head, then...let me throw a few pics in here. There were LOTS and LOTS of curves (that's why I was's not the miles it's the curves...)

Tried to show a little bit of Fall Color ain't seen' nothin' yet (man, three consecutive apostrophes)

Lookit this country! This is indeed "almost heaven" to a dried-out guy from New Mexico:

This pic is tilted a little (remember my poor neck) way to "slightly rotate" it on the iPad (that I know of):

One time during the morning's ride I came out on top of a ridge and saw an absolutely SPECTACULAR vista of "Fall Colors"...but there no was no way I could get a pic. Nowhere to stop. Darn narrow twisty WV roads...

Occasionally the country "opened out" a little; I'm still astounded by GREEN.

On more...sorry this one is kinda over-exposed; can't do much about that.

BTW, the roads were still damp in spots, and (obviously) I had never been over them before. So I took it pretty easy. But it was still a lot of fun. And---prolly due to it being midweek---there was almost NO TRAFFIC! And what little there was was easily dispatched by the 1198 Testastretta 11-degree mill. I've gotta admit, the Milledue is the best bike I've ever owned for PASSING PEOPLE.

On into Maryland...

I'm pretty sure the following pic was taken in Maryland...look at that BLUE SKY! Boy, it's been a while (not that the weather I've experienced has been THAT BAD...)

What do I know about Maryland?

1. That's where Travis Pastrana comes from...(hey, he was gonna race NASCAR; how's that goin'?)
2. The US Naval Academy is in Annapolis, MD...
3. Annapolis, MD was also a big slave trading center...

It also seems like Maryland is a very pretty place. Uh, except for the small towns like "Oakland, MD" which has a traffic problem...

Milledue Hits a Milestone

See? Milledue has made it 25,000 miles! If I hadn't totaled poor Milledue #1 on hoarfrost, this odometer would've read about 38,000 miles. Oh, well...

I believe this is "Deep Creek Lake" in Maryland. Sorry for not getting a better pic. Remember, I only take on-bike photographs when it's safe!

Here's a final Maryland "Fall Color" pic:

An Eastern Overlook...

After all my ranting about the "closeness" of the U.S. East, I pulled over at this overlook and it was a pretty nice view. Didn't capture it very well on my camera, but I tried...

Tomorrow at Gettysburg

I hope to spend much of tomorrow at the Gettysburg National Military Park, then visit SoPaRider after that. I really don't know what to expect at Gettysburg. I seem to recall that the CSA Army made a conscious decision to move up into Pennsylvania. And it came to haunt them. But I don't really know too much more "about" the Battle of Gettysburg. Perhaps I'll do a little reading tonight.

I'm having to struggle to keep up my motivation, but---like I said---perhaps tomorrow's visit will have re-energize me. Thanks for all your interest.

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