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I will accept my portion of the blame. Have not tried the tire on hard trail or in the mud. I was in silty dirt and sand. I have a hard time believing that the tire did not contribute to my overall difficulties. Bad technique, sure. New to the bike, oh yeah. Scared, um.... no. But all that being said, any tire can take you anywhere, guys have travelled me world on street tires and little 250's, but to all you purists, I would say, why? I ca ride in sand with the skinko's. I can do mud, I can do trail. Bu why would I want to fight with the bike or heaven forbid slow down, when there is rubber our there that allows me to ignore these limitations.

I don't know what to tell you. I've put over 25,000Km on Shinko's in the past two years, all on a DL1000 V-Strom. I've taken the bike in places it should never have gone. Multiple times. I've never fought, or felt limited by the tire. I find sand, no matter what tire, a pain in the ass to ride in. But generally, I don't slow down, (occasionally, I may fall down) but compared to my experience with TKC80s (being left stranded in Labrador) I have found them to be a more than adequate tire. I'm not trying to be ball buster here, but every picture above was achieved while riding on Shinko 705s.

The Wee in the mudhole picture handled the mud much better than my TKC did today - I couldn't put the bike in a straight line to save my life, but the lesser experienced rider had no problem with his tires and a less off-road capable bike.

Give the tires a chance...really. You can't beat them for the price.
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