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Originally Posted by disston View Post
Maybe. But in Rolling Thunder when I come over that bridge and there's a Marine standing at attention in dress blues saluting me, I salute back. Of course I'm a civilian. I just read somewhere that they now make it legal in certain circumstance for Vets to do this. I don't know what the exact circumstances are but I felt it was appropriate long before they made it legal.

I didn't have much fun in the military and I was not what you might think of as a good soldier. I should have maybe been busted more times than I was. I was a Rebel, I guess. Didn't want to be there. But they trained me and made me a Medic and I was the best Medic in my outfit. Might be tooting my horn a bit but I think I'm not far from wrong.

All this is good talk for me some. But not really in place for this thread. I will erase my posts concerning the extra subject here in 24 hrs. Just like to keep things a little clean.
No, don't erase it. Why? It's your history, your part of the story, and I'm glad to know it. Just like I'm glad I know my dad's WWII stories and my grandfathers' WWI stories and the story I heard just last weekend from my country neighbor who was a radioman in Vietnam who now goes back and works underground in the ministry. I agree with some of it, some I don't, but I like hearing all of it. I came here because I'm a motorcyclist, but I keep coming back because of the stories.
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