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June 18, 2012

Day 3

Today’s tracks

After another fantastic meal in Jarbidge at the Outdoor Inn, we headed out. Did I mention how good the breakfast was? They even used homemade bread for the toast! It was really tasty.

Back to the story.

I had seen a rough looking power line road that comes right down into Jarbidge from the west. I tried to climb up it but it was too loose and rocky to bother with while carrying all of our gear. I fell over at least twice and came upon a small tree across the road before I finally figured this out.

So we headed out to the south toward Charleston. What a fantastic road!

We climbed up some sweet roads to a high ridge.

We did some exploring of the ridge.

And then headed further south. It was amazing!

I had a little trouble with finding a way to stay on our route near this house so we changed to another one that would follow the river to the north.

More fun stuff!

I was looking for a place to take a break near the river and found the perfect spot.

So then we got on a road that I thought would just be a dull road out toward Owyhee. I was wrong. It was a great twisty gravel road with huge canyon walls on both sides. It reminded me of some of the canyons I had blasted thru in my boat down at Lake Powell. It was freshly graded which was great for me but not everyone else as I kicked up a lot of dust.

After the cool canyon, we took off on a smaller 2 track road that led us up onto a high plateau that we rode on until we hit the highway south of Owyhee. It was great! The weather was a bit cooler and unfortunately a bit windy but it was still awesome!

Ready to hit the pavement for a while!

Somewhere in here in the last part of the day, Kramsetac’s kickstand broke off. It looked like it broke just like it had when the bike belonged to Robdogg.

We rode north on the highway to Owyhee. Even the highway was cool with some crazy huge rock formations on the sides of the nice curvy road. We ate another unremarkable meal in Owyhee. I ran into the lady who had fed us last year at the little “restaurant” while I was standing in line to buy some water. I could not believe it when she recognized me. What a trip! We all filled up with gas and then headed SW toward the IL Ranch crossing of the Owyhee River. It was getting late so we were trying to make up some time and wanted to find a place up in the hills north of Midas to camp for the night.

My GoPro batteries were all dead so no pictures until the next morning.

We rode thru the area where I crashed last year at about the same time as last year with the sun burning right into our eyes at the same angle just like last year. I was trying really hard not to crash in the same spot just like last year. I was sure happy when we headed south toward Midas and I knew I was past the spot, plus not riding directly into the sun. I stopped and Dr. Dan pulled up. I reminded him of his duty as the official camp spot finder. He took off ahead and rode for a while. Suddenly he stopped and I pulled up alongside him. He said, “How about that grassy spot over there?” as he pointed out into the dry sparse desert. It took my eyes a minute to find anything out there that looked grassy but eventually my eyes settled into a green spot on a shelf above the wash off in the desert. It looked to be pretty well protected from the wind so I agreed and we headed off to set up camp. Everyone else arrived and tents were set up, chairs were assembled and the Jet Boil was fired up. It was not long before we were all ready for some sleep.
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