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Day 3

Breakfast in Jarbidge was great. The Outdoor Inn was a fantastic place to stop and eat. The people were friendly and the food hit the spot!

First thing in the morning Mike led us to a billy goat trail that even the billy goats struggle to climb. Fortunately, it was decided by everyone that we use an alternate route. If I didn't have all the gear on my bike, I'd have considered giving it a shot but I wasn't about to tackle it with the way I was loaded down.

The rest of the day is a blur but I remember stopping often to witness some fantastic views. I would say this was the 3rd best day in terms of scenery during the entire 8 days.

Toward the end of the day we made our way to Owyhee for a fuel stop and food, which was good because I was hungry and almost out of gas. I was carrying (among many other things) 2 extra gallons of fuel but I really didn't want to stop and take the time to remove everything required to get to it... so I pushed on. I pulled into the gas station after 110 miles. I only have a 2 gallon tank so that was pretty good considering some of the terrain we traversed.

After some good food (still took forever to get it delivered) and a stroll through the well stocked grocery store, we made our way west. Sometime before sundown, Dan located a spot out in the desert for us to camp. We all got set up, charged gps units, repaired a few things, and got some rest.

One of the early scenic diversions in the morning of Day 3

Same overloaded bike... just more dust.

One of the many gorgeous views from Day 3

Mark often has to contort his body to get the best shot

Checking the map

Not sure if he's standing or sitting, but we definitely know Dr Dan is not using all his fingers as he waves.

Somebody had to take photos of Mark

Lunch break by the river

More great scenery

Campsite on Day 3

You may notice the reason Dan slept in a bit longer than the rest of us. (He was the first one ready to go, however... not sure how he does that)

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